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Restorative Touch Therapy

Restorative Touch Therapy is a manual healing approach that uses a blend of physical and energetic techniques aimed at soothing the nervous system and easing chronic pain while

bolstering the body's own ability to self-heal.

Modalities include: Therapeutic Massage, NMT, CTT, Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage, Shiatsu(Acu-pressure), Structural Alignment, Energy Flow & Balancing,

Myofascial Release, Restorative Yoga, Guided Breathing, Meditation 

Single Session - $111

90min session includes:

intake, table time, integration, check out

Available:Whiting VT

Contact me for more information!          


Embodiment Coaching

Embodiment Coaching uses guided yoga, meditation, somatic practices, ceremony, and breath work to connect you with Self and body, explore, strengthen, and gain tools to use in your every day life.

Single Session - $65

3 Sessions - $180

5 Sessions - $250

Available: Online and In Person in Whiting VT

Packages are great for developing a yoga or meditation practice,

processing change and embodying transition

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