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222 Days

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

I just got off the phone with my friend Julie and am feeling illuminated and excited. She had been visiting Scotland at the same time as my trip to Belize and this was our first time catching up since our departures. Here's a paraphrased beginning to our conversation:

“So did you get the job in Guatemala?”::referring to a conversation we had 2 weeks ago::

“Oh, about that, I don’t think I’ll have time. I’m starting a new business!!!”

“Oh, Melissa. How some people are with boys you are with business ideas.”

“This is the one, Julie, the real one! I’m doing it!”

I know she believes in me, regardless of poking a little fun at my uhh easily bored and excitable ways.

This jest held a lot to it though. I DO have a tendency to brainstorm awesome ideas and watch them float away towards some other future. One time in college I came up with the idea of a place called NapSack where students and business people could rent a cot and quiet space for relaxation between classes and busywork….(great idea I KNOW)

I also have a tendency to get things done and put my heart, dedication, and focus into play to face fears and achieve my own versions of success. (I genuinely LOVE school and applying lessons and doing coursework and putting ideas into ACTION oh boy!)

As I described my idea and purpose of the store to Julie the smile on my face grew, the light in my heart expanded, and she was swept into the wind with me. The next moment I was getting logo design ideas into my direct message box that literally caused me to swirl and coo. A tiny cauldron bubbling with life, one with a heart or crystals, what about the words like this? The idea began to take form and vision built by more communal excitement and love. I know that WHEN I complete this goal there will be so much more than my heart inside of it, but too the creative juices, light, talent, and support of some spectacular humans and this is what it is all worth for me.

The end concept here is a wellness based retail space that offers healing services and interesting events/workshops for the community & it's visitors! This idea comes from my deep love of customer service, my reverence for local, natural, and spiritual offerings, and, of course, play time! I envision lots of plants, and new age decor with a specific feel and energy to it. I hope to create a connection with the nearby college to be able to offer a space that feels welcoming and supportive to the students and use my retails shelves to highlight different creative talents found in the northeast. This will be a place not only to shop and heal but also to reflect, play, and explore.

Tomorrow is a big day! Universe be with me!

Love always,


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