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Hags to Witches: A Spiritual Journey

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Today is my first day making a blog. It feels a little strange to start, I’ll be honest. I wanted to make this blog to commemorate and follow my decision to start a business with a storefront location, to put a dream onto "paper" and into reality. I think that creating essentially a diary about it will help me keep track of my brain space and progress. It will hold me accountable, in some way. To show up as me for me but also for you. I think? Who are you, anyway? Well that’s a question for a different day I guess.

For today. I announce that I have set myself a goal, to have a grand opening party for the storefront on Friday, October 11th 2019, my 30th Birthday! 223 days away!

Where is it going to be? NO IDEA

What’s it going to be called? ::SHRUGS::

With who? IDK




Today while I was going over my note taking for the day with my husband, Sean, we started having a fun brainstorming session that led to the name Crystal Cauldron! I love it. It reminds me of a huge bubbling, brewing pot filled with mystery and change, just like life. It feels warm and all encompassing of the many ingredients and much care that goes into making a good potion! I’m not sure about the legalize behind naming as an official LLC, there were a few shops that popped up when I googled but none near my town. We will definitely be learning along with the process! Regardless of name, what really stood out was being able to hear Sean describe the scene he sees and have it align with my own vision! I am often nervous my ideas are too weird or risky and am unsure how others will react. He comes out of his own shell as I come out of mine and together, it seems, we were able to create quite a spark.

I'm feeling nervous and hopeful as the wheels turn and the days line up.

Monday I will meet up with an important player and potential partner in this grand plan of mine and be able to really understand from there a clear path and the beginnings of foundation. I've also reached out to a possible location that I am super in love with and look forward to connecting with them soon. (or calling again cause hey, you do what it takes! WHATEVER IT TAKES ::blasts music::)

Happy Saturday yall.

Melissa Mae

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