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I should post more often, huh?

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

I DO want to be more consistent with my posting. Isn't that the purpose of the blog anyway? I will make a commitment for at least the next hmmmmm three weeks to post every day something new. Guess what happens in three weeks? A totally new adventure begins!

A lot has happened and become clear during the week or so I've been MIA. (again sorry I'm going to do better) But I think one of the reasons I avoid posting as things are happening are that I feel sensitive to the way these posts may effect others and want to remain respectful and professional while dealing out the truth. I'm finding my way more and more each day.....

SO, it is official, 3 weeks from today, April 29th 2019, will be my last day at Illuminate Massage & Collective Space. Samantha has been mentioning for a while these ideas of shrinking the business so that she can focus more of her own journey with Ayurveda, family, and homestead life in her new home. It seems like now she has decided to take action towards this dream. Hey, who can blame her? That sounds lovely! Unfortunately it also means I'm out of a job and business practice location. A month isn't all that much time to figure out a next leg though I feel confident that things will fall into place just as they need to be.

I've reached out to an Integrative Medicine Space in Middlebury where I absolutely love the other practitioners and the office space and feel hopeful for an opportunity to rent room space starting in May. That meeting will come on Wednesday. I have been holding off on looking at other options seriously because I believe this move could be really good for me, my practice, and my clients. It will also be a very helpful ,unforeseen, step towards achieving my bigger goal of opening a space. This will be the first time that my own business will be the primary source of my income. I think this is important for a number of reasons, strongest of which is that is will be up to me to operate...basically everything, on a small scale that can give me a good idea about what it will be like once things start to grow. It is giving me an opportunity to set into place the ability to accept insurance, learn more about promoting in the area, organizing my paperwork (and taxes!) and have time to meet more of the community and understand their needs.

Last week amidst this news of change, I met with Middlebury College's Director of Health and Wellness Education, Barbara McCall (LOVE HER) and attended a super fun small business meet up hosted by Community Barn Ventures in Middlebury. It was really cool to hear from local support systems (like Sarah Kearns!) AND business owners who have blazed the trail before me. I have so much to learn and much to live for and look forward to.

When Sean and I moved here in Fall of 2017 I basically fell into Samantha's lap at Illuminate, she needed help and so did I. The past 18 months have been a blessing. The ability to slide right into a job and one that is surrounded by so many lovely people and clients was more than I ever could have asked for. Now it is time to step out on the next part of this adventure and see what awaits this Spring!

Lots of love,


My first appearance as Love Play Grow Wellness in Middlebury!

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