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Water Meditation for Students in the Ukraine

This morning I could barely lift my head. I watched my husband eat breakfast at our dining room table and wondered how I ever got so tired. So tired that I needed the table, my arms, and a divine force just to hold my self up and be present. After he left for work I thought about sleeping more and hoped it would help. Instead I went to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water. Two gulps later and I was a new woman. I felt alive, and not just alive but good! Ready for the day. I unzipped my red plush robe and let its long sides fly out behind me as I ran through our home like a superhero floating on the wind. ::whoosh:: ::whoosh:: I laughed joyfully. Something I valued and felt grateful for.

When I logged on to my zoom Mindful Meditation class and our teacher, Alex, asked for mindfulness related reports I championed water. Go H2O! I recounted my morning for the group and excitedly chanted praise to hydration. A sea of heart emojis and laughter greeted me from their boxes on my screen. Alex asked for other water related reports and Sally raised her hand. It's snowing in the Ukraine and that's good because the people there don't have any water to drink. They are melting the snow to stay hydrated and nourished. They are trapped waiting out a war that just started.

My hand touches my heart without me asking it to. I imagine all the people who are unable to break from brain fog and exhaustion, unable to live fully, let alone fight back or fly around feeling like a superhero.

I cannot stop the war, or send food and water to all those who need it. I can hold and witness their suffering. I can celebrate the fortune that I do have and not take it for granted. I can open my heart to Collective Source and ripple love through the universe. We can do that together, if you'd like.

My plan now is to do a water meditation in a loving kindness sort of way. Gather a glass of water if you can. If not, take a few moments to allow yourself to imagine a container in your hands, any container which brings you comfort and joy. Holding this physical or imagined container in your hands, allow it to fill with cool, clear, water. Take your time to notice the sensations that arise within you even before taking your first sip.

For me, I notice my mouth is dry and sticky and now longing for that water.

Sit still for a few moments with your water. Feeling your breath flowing through you gently. In and out. In and out.

When you're ready press your glass against your heart space and notice the way it meets the beating within you. Each beat rippling love and life through the molecules in the container.

As we move to sip our water. Let the first few sips be for you. Knowing that when you are cared for, nourished, and grateful it is from this place that you can send wellness across time and space with ease.

As you sip, notice the way your body reponds to the water. The subtle shifts will look different for each of us. Notice yours and take your time. Maybe even pausing for a few breaths before taking your next sip.

Now I'd like to call to heart and mind those who are suffering in the Ukraine due to lack of resources like clean drinking water. Envision this in whatever way feels most potent for you; as people or a specific person, the land, country, etc. I feel it as the body sensation of thirst and exhaustion. Like dry soil turning to dirt. With each sip now imagine the droplets of water nourishing these places and people. The water falling like rain or snow or mist easing the suffering and desperation. Allow the sorrow to fill you too as you give and witness with your energy the Truth of life, love, and hardship. Holding this only as long as you want or can and letting it wash away with each of your exhales.

Continuing to sip your water and hold your attention on the people of Ukraine or shifting focus to another specific area of the world that is experiencing suffering due to lack of resources or even broadening your scope to encase the suffering of the world at large. Let your last few sips wash over these spaces in your awareness. Imagine these waters nourishing the Spirit of the world and thus the Spirit of all individuals.

When you feel complete with your practice place your container to the side and allow yourself to sit for a few minutes in silence, observing the thoughts and sensations that arise. Acknowledge with gratitude your own ability to be nourished and the impact of your devotion to the practice today.

Om Namah Shivaya

Bow to the divine within

Thank you for joining me on today's journey.

Much love, my friends.


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