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Raw and hungry for sushi

It wasn't until an hour or so ago that we realized we hadn't really eaten much throughout the day. The trip to the vet was pleasant overall as the the kittens with the thermometer up their little buttholes...probably not so much. Our vet was lovely and knowledgeable and gave us the news that as long as their stress levels were low and their environment calm to regulate their systems the cold should ease out...uhhh I don't think 40min in a car and a rectal exam was the best but at least now we know how they are doing and what we can and can't do to help.

Soon after we got home I had a call with the fabulous Sarah Kearns, my small business advisor, and we caught up on the shifts and changes that have been happening to and for the future of Love, Play, Grow. I thought about things like e-vites and attending board meetings and also a very fun event Sarah is hosting Vermont Business Ecosystem Meetup - April 3rd! The toughest part is thinking about what is going to happen in the time between now and when the store is able to open. The tides are turning and, well quite frankly, I might be out of a job. This feels scary but manageable. I won't really know more details until next week though I'm not sure what will come forth anyway.

My mental state has remained quite strong and healthy through some hard conversations and surprising questioning of my character and motivations. Things that may have crushed me a week earlier feel more clear and able to be responded to with care, love, and self respect. While all of this is true I feel raw. Like each test and challenge helps me become stronger in my own skin and in need of that much more rest and recovery from within.

I also really miss sushi.

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