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The Pause of the Countdown

Oof! It has been quite a couple of days here in the life of Melissa. There is much to think about, even more to be done, and a lifetime to live and be present in.

I know you're here to hear about the meeting, or maybe you are? I want to highlight and number of things first both for myself and to give some background for anyone reading this.

I got married and moved from Westchester County NY to Addison County VT 18 months ago. wow a year and a half exactly. Now that can feel like forever and 5 minutes all at once. But whatever it feels like, it was, in fact, a complete upheaval, root exposing, system shocking event. While an incredible job and seriously awesome people fell into my life easily and almost immediately I was not ready to settle my energy in. It's taken most of this time for me to shake off the shock and start to feel at home in this new soil. It is nutrient rich and loving, this slice of home I've found, both where we are in Vermont - just outside of Middlebury, and the community and support which has been developing and revealing around me. I felt grateful to return home from our trip and be welcomed back with big smiles and open arms. As much of this past week that has been dedicated to growing my business idea has been dedicated to allowing love to flow freely between new friends, finding play time and celebrating the changing energy that is life. I feel myself in this new place - my new pot we'll call it going with the replanting idea. There's room here for me, for my roots to explore and my leaves to bask in the sun and fresh air. I feel alive and grateful to be here and truly feel as though I can look around now and become more familiar with my surroundings, love them and learn them and allow myself to become a new part in the scenery.

(Anyone following me on this ramble?)

Now I am starting to figuring out just how I can begin this process in action, both with myself and with my business. oh boy look how tied together every thing is!

SO yesterday I met with my *AWESOME* small business advisor, Sarah Kearns, who works with young entrepreneurs in the area offering counseling and assistance building new businesses.

(Yes I'm still considered young even though she had to make a special case to take on this project because I'm actually apparently not young anymore but WHATEVER everything's fine)

She gave me some powerful things to think about, insights into what is shifting in the town and BIG info about certain street closures that could be happening for an extending period of time next year. Scary! Important to think about. But not deterring. I titled this piece the pause of the countdown because I have decided to release myself of the date of my 30th birthday. While yes I am extra and it would be fun there are so many factors and moving parts that will need to be considered for opening that restricting them with the date is, honestly, foolish.

With more space to play and breathe, I've been introduced to a really really cool local business woman who is starting a super cool project of her own to open and release soon this year. We are setting up plans to chat and I am bursting with excitement to learn more!!

I've also lined up a few events for me to meet others in the community and offer a workshop at a Yoga Festival this summer! More on that to come. I feel grateful for the wake up call of cold hard facts to help me pause and have more time to take in my surroundings while learning my place in it all.

Isn't life interesting? At least my blog post titles will be more so from now on ;-)

Love you!


Desert Rose - A beautiful find from ladies day on Sunday - it symbolizes Confidence, Success, & Protection. It is intricate and stunning and I love it!

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